in the past

Saturday September 19th at 10:30AM I provided some acoustic accompaniment to the Pipers Orchard Festival of Fruit.  I then enjoyed listening to Kelly and Mateo of Blue Star Creeper play there at the Carkeek Park ELC ( Environmental Learning Center) in Seattle.

Labor day weekend / Sunday September 6th, 2015 Will played solo for the bar at The Upstairs in downtown Seattle.  Three guitars, Open G and standard electrics, and an acoustic did alright there.

I had a great time playing The Sou’wester Lodge in Seaview WA  on Friday June 10th, 2015.  What a great spot right by the ocean, a big old house with a vinyl and vhs lending library surrounded by old trailers, many of which come with video players and turntables.  A snippet of Abilene from the Souwester’  :

Wednesday June 10, 8PM.  Will had a solo show at The Original Halibuts in NE Portland.


Friday June 12,  9PM.  The Whips played SE Portland’s Food Cart Heaven:  Cartlandia, in the Blue Room Bar.  At 7PM singer songwriter Benjamin Brown took the stage by storm with his song “Winter”.

Here’s the whips playing Jumper at the Blue Room Bar .

And here’s what we looked looked like the next day, Saturday June 13, after our show at Reed College. Thank you Jim Berry for the photo!

Sunday June 14 2015 at 5PM in Seattle’s Woodland Park we enjoyed the kickoff show for the Seattle Peace Concert series.  Music by organizer Don Glen, Jim Page and many and more from Noon until we closed at 6.

Sunday June 14: Seattle Peace Concert Woodland Park ( whips )

Willie & The Whips Winterstock 2015 at the Highliner in Fisherman’s terminal in Seattle
( video )

October 5, 2014 The Upstairs in Downtown Seattle, solo Willie, opening for Blue Star Creeper.
( no known media )

September 21, 2014 Last Day of Summer Seattle Peace Concert Series at Gasworks Park, Willie & the Whips.
( video )

5PM Friday August 15, 2014 Hempfest, Seeley Memorial stage, Seattle, Washington
Willie and The Whips
( video )

8PM Wednesday June 4, 2014 in Portland, Oregon
– Will Morgan plays The Original Halibuts
video from the show, and stills )

Saturday March 8, 2014 in Ballard, Washington
– Will and the Whips play Winterstock at Populuxe‘s First Anniversary Celebration
( ’til the battery ran out video  )


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